What to do After You’re Injured at Work

It’s an unfortunate fact that people are injured on the job every day across America. You may not like to think about this, but it is important that you know what steps to take if you are injured at work to ensure that your rights are protected when it comes to receiving workers’ compensation or an injury settlement. If you are hurt on the job, it’s a good idea to take the following steps.

1)  Inform Your Supervisor – You should report any injury you suffer at work to your supervisor immediately (and do it in writing if possible). Even if your injury seems minor, you should report it because the injury could worsen over time.

2)  Get Medical Treatment – You should get medical treatment as soon as possible after your injury. Depending upon the company you work for, you may have to use a company mandated physician rather than your own doctor. Keep in mind that if the doctor is paid for by your employer’s insurance company, you may want to get a second opinion from your own physician.

3)  File a Claim – You will need to file a workers’ compensation claim. Your employer is required to provide you with a claim form. Keep in mind that this is not a lawsuit against your employer, but simply a request to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

4) Do You Need an Attorney? – While some workers’ compensation claims are simple, if you experience any problems you should contact an attorney. For example, if your case is very complex or if you don’t understand what’s happening with your case and why, or if you have a disagreement with your employer over the claim, it’s best for you to get legal representation.