What is the Jones Act and How Does it Protect me?

The Jones Act is a federal statute that was passed in 1920. The legislation, also known as 46 USC section 883, was put in place to protect Merchant Marines, ships and crews. Under the U.S. mandated act, certain laws are mandated to determine trade guidelines for ships. The act also prohibits ships not built in the U.S. from engaging in trade within the U.S.

There are a number of different clauses within the maritime law that provides protections for mariners. The act, sponsored by Sen. Wesley Jones, is officially known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920. Prior to its passage, there was a great deal of concern regarding the health and safety of merchant marines. If a marine suffered injuries while on duty, they had no recourse when it came to filing a claim.

Working at sea was and is a very dangerous job. The introduction of the bill to help sailors was extremely beneficial. If you are a merchant marine and believe you have a claim, find a professional Opelousas worker compensation lawyers can help. The firm of Morrow Gates & Morrow LLC, has decades of experience in offshore workers compensation claims. They are steeped in every aspect of maritime law. They will fight tooth and nail to secure the compensation you deserve.

While there are two parts to the Jones Act, the second part regarding injuries, is the most important part needed to help you if you are injured. You will be entitled to receive compensation for time off, medical bills and pain and suffering. Opelousas offshore injury attorneys like Morrow Gates & Morrow LLC will offer you a free case evaluation and advise you every step of the way.