Steps to Take After an On-the-Job Injury

If you suffer an injury on the job, there are a number of steps you should take in order to ensure that you can properly file a Workers’ Compensation claim and protect your rights.

Seek Medical Attention – If your injury requires emergency medical care, go to the nearest ER facility. Once you have been treated, you will need to choose a doctor for follow-up care. Depending upon where you work, you may be required to visit a physician who is part of a Workers’ Compensation healthcare network.

Notify Your Doctor – When you go for treatment immediately after the accident, you need to make it clear to the doctor that this is a work-related injury. Make sure that your doctor makes note of this in your medical record during the first visit. This is important because it will prevent your employer or their insurance company from claiming that your injury did not occur at work.

Report Your Injury Immediately – You need to inform your employer about the injury as soon as possible. This is very important, as in some instances an employer may have grounds to deny your claim if your injury was not reported promptly.

File a Written Report – As soon as possible after the accident, you need to write up a report describing what happened and turn it in to your employer. Many companies will provide a specific form to report an accident at work. Make sure to keep a copy of this report for your records.

Get Legal Assistance – Filing a Workers’ Compensation claim can be difficult and confusing. You should consider finding a qualified attorney to help you through the process and help ensure that you get all of the compensation you deserve.