Staying Safe on the Job Reduces the Need for Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation laws ensure that people who suffer job-related injuries or illnesses are properly compensated for their pain, suffering, lost wages and other financial hardships. At Morrow, Gates and Morrow, our attorneys have a great deal of experience in helping clients to receive the Workers’ Compensation benefits they deserve.

However, we also believe that everyone in the workforce can benefit by being safety-conscious and making every effort to avoid on-the-job injuries. Following is a list a job safety tips that can help to reduce workplace accidents.

  • Safety Manual – If your employer provides a safety manual, you should read the entire document and follow regulations to the letter. Safety manuals are important and should be taken seriously.
  • Stay Alert – If your work environment includes potentially hazardous areas and situations, it’s vital that you pay attention at all times and remain aware of your surroundings.
  • Report Unsafe Conditions – If you become aware of unsafe practices or hazardous situations on the job, you should report this immediately to your supervisor in order to avoid potential accidents.
  • Utilize Safety Equipment – If safety equipment (such as hard hats, goggles, gloves, ear plugs, etc.) is provided by your employer, you should always utilize these items to protect yourself.
  • Take a Break – Many workplace accidents occur because an employee is tired and not fully alert to their surroundings. You should take regular breaks to help you stay fresh and focused on the job at hand.If You’re Injured on the Job, You Need Legal Representation

If you have suffered an injury or illness related to your job, you need an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and you receive the compensation and benefits you deserve. Contact Morrow, Gates & Morrow at (337) 942-6529 – and let our attorneys put their experience and expertise to work on your Workers’ Compensation case.