How to Cultivate a Happy Work Environment

Anyone who has worked at a business that has a bad work environment knows that it is a miserable experience. But did you know that studies have shown that happy workers are actually more productive – and that a good work environment can also improve health and safety? If you are a business owner or manager – or simply an employee who would like to suggest ways to make your workplace better – the following ideas could be helpful.

Comfort Matters – Most people work eight hours or more every day, so being physically comfortable is important. Try consulting an ergonomics specialist to assess work spaces. If possible, offer ergonomic desks and chairs, which increase physical comfort and help to prevent injuries caused by bad posture and excessive sitting.

Share Helpful Content – Consider having a manager or team leader share a daily motivational message (or better yet, something funny) online every day. Helpful or funny tidbits can help inspire the whole team – or just relieve a bit of stress through laughter.

A Simple “Thank You” Can Go a Long Way – Expressing thanks to a coworker (or sending a note of gratitude) not only boosts that person’s spirits – it can make you feel happier as well. Say “thanks” whenever it’s appropriate – and encourage the whole team to do the same.

Give Praise When Appropriate – Being praised for a job well done actually makes employees want to work harder and better. Think about it. Far too often, the boss focuses on negative issues, when it’s much better for company morale to accentuate the positive.

Celebrate the Little Things – The Christmas office party can be great for lifting morale – but celebrating smaller things is also important. Acknowledging employment anniversaries, meeting goals and any type of personal achievements through a company-wide announcement or small gift can go a long way towards building a positive work environment and increased sense of value among employees.