5 Most Common Offshore Workers Compensation Injuries in Louisiana

The work environment on an oil rig or maritime operations is one of the harshest and most dangerous of any occupation. It takes vigilance to remain safe. The truth is that many serious accidents on oil rigs can be prevented. The most common causes of worker accidents are: poor maintenance of vessels, lack of proper safety measures, failure to follow safety measures, and generally unsafe work practices. Here are the top five causes of injuries in offshore workers.

Top 5 Injuries in Offshore Workers

  1. Being hit by falling objects
  2. Being hit by cranes and other heavy equipment
  3. Slips and falls
  4. Falling overboard
  5. Exposure to toxic substances and extremes in temperature

These accidents can cause a number of different injuries ranging from minor lacerations to spinal cord injuries, or lethal injuries. Many of these injuries can leave the worker permanently disabled.

What should you do?

If you have been injured on an oil rig or performing other maritime duties, there are laws to protect you, but you cannot wait to seek help. It is important to call an LA personal injury attorney as soon as you are able because failure to do so can cause you to forfeit any future compensation.

If you work on an oil rig or on a mobile oil extraction vessel, you are covered by the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act. If your injury was caused by the negligence of another, even if you think it isn’t, you need to call a Louisiana worker’s compensation attorney to have your case evaluated. Many times, an attorney can see things that you do not.

Louisiana injury attorneys are familiar with maritime laws, types of workers injuries, and causes that are commonly associated with offshore work. Even if you have a seemingly minor injury, it is important to call an attorney.