What if my Disability is Not Found in the Blue Book?

Many Social Security disability benefits applicants are often confused about how the Social Security Administration determines if an applicant is eligible. While some claimants are automatically approved because of specific medical conditions, other applicants are generally denied a claim on the first application because their specific medical issue does not appear in the Social Security Blue Book. The Blue Book is the publication that lists all predetermined acceptable conditions that will qualify an applicant immediately, or at least shortly after an experienced Louisiana Social Security disability lawyer can prove the condition to the SSA disability determination representatives. For those with conditions not in the book, the process of establishing a disability claim can be a long and frustrating experience that always requires professional legal counsel.

Validating a Disabling Condition

Disability claims are commonly won without being listed as a designated disabling medical condition. This is completed through the “similar condition” allowance by the SSA, which is usually also applied when a claimant has multiple medical conditions that impact each other, such as a back injury that manifests in an individual with prior leg or feet issues. While neither may justify a disability ruling alone, the combination can present serious problems when the individual has worked in manual labor positions through their working career.

Alternate Work Options

One factor that can affect a claim is the type of work the applicant has traditionally performed. Sedentary workers can have a difficult time being approved for Social Security disability insurance because their line of work is not physically demanding. It is important for claimants to understand the disability ruling is actually awarded based on the fact the claimant can no longer earn a living performing the same work they have traditionally done. Those under 50 years of age are routinely denied multiple appeals or approved for a short period through the Supplemental Security Income disability program that allows reassessment each year for an ongoing condition. The alternate work optional determination by SSA ends for those who are 50 years of age or older, so age can be a determining factor a well.

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