Top Five Reasons Why Disability Applications are Denied

Many people are surprised to learn that more than 70% of first-time applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied. There are many reasons for applications being denied, including the huge number of applications being received by the Social Security Administration and severe budget cuts by the federal government which have resulted in fewer SSA employees being available to process claims. Following are five of the main problems/reasons why applications are commonly denied.

1) Missing medical documentation (or not enough documentation) pertaining to the medical condition/reason why the person is applying for benefits.

2) Incorrect or incomplete information when filling out the application.

3) The applicant is earning more than $1,090 per month (which puts them above the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) level).

4) The person applying has failed to seek regular medical treatment from a doctor or other healthcare provider.

5) The applicant’s medical condition/disability can be cured in less than one year.

If you are considering applying for Social Security disability benefits, you may benefit from hiring a disability advocate or attorney to help fill out your application properly and manage your disability claim.