How You Know it’s Time for the Blue Book: Social Security Benefits

Social Security Disability benefits are for people who have a disability that prevents them from working. The lack of income can create a financial crisis. Social Security Disability benefits are designed to help people make ends meet. There are several reasons that you should consider applying for Social Security Disability Benefits:

You Have a Severe Mental or Physical Health Problem

There are a variety of mental and physical health problems that will qualify you for disability. Some of the conditions that you can find listed in the Blue Book include mental disorders, heart problems, respiratory problems and endocrine disorders. Your condition must be severe enough to stop you from working. Your condition must also last at least one year. If your condition is temporary, then you will probably be denied benefits.

If you have a severe mental or physical problem, then you will need to have it checked by a physician. You will need to provide medical documentation in order to prove that you have a disability.

You Have a Low Income

If you make less than $1,170 per month, then you should consider filing for disability. The maximum income for a blind person is $1,970.

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Seventy percent of disability claims are denied the first time. This can be frustrating because most people who apply for disability really need the benefits. In many cases, people are denied disability because of something that they omitted while filling out their application. That is why you will need to contact an attorney if you are in need of Opelousas legal advice.

Your attorney will help you file a claim. They will make sure that you have everything that you need in order to file a claim. You will be much more likely to be approved if you have an attorney. Additionally, if you need to file an appeal, then your attorney can help you.