How do I know if my Condition Qualifies for Disability Benefits?

Many people suffer from medical conditions that they do not realize would qualify them for Social Security Administration disability benefits. The typical worker normally considers standard retirement based on age after working a career, but the truth is that potential benefits may be available earlier and can be researched using the Social Security Administration Blue Book. The Blue Book is a definitive and comprehensive list of specific conditions that can qualify an individual for disability benefits. The SSA actually approves certain cases immediately when the disabling medical condition is obvious and supported by documented evidence from a medical professional. Not only is diagnosis important, but prognosis is even more so because it will be the medical outlook for the claimant going forward through life. This is a common result for individuals who have been injured in an accident, and is often an additional component of a personal injury claim as well when our Louisiana personal injury attorney is representing the case.

Claim Denials

Over 70% of all Social Security benefit claims are denied on the initial filing, which means it will be necessary to have legal representation to validate the injury supporting the claim of being unable to earn a living due to the condition. This is also very common with claims based on conditions listed in the Blue Book because the SSA only issues total disability rulings and wants to ensure that all medical claims are substantiated. Our Social Security disability attorneys understand this process and what it takes to convince the government the claim is valid.

Unlisted Medical Conditions

Many disability claimants do not have a specifically predetermined approval condition, which means they must provide medical evidence regarding how the condition impedes their ability to work. The rules for disability determination can be different for individuals under 50 years of age and others who have traditionally performed sedentary work. Unlisted medical claims are still valid claims that are evaluated by how the debilitating condition compares to other disabilities. In addition, many claimants also have multiple medical issues that impact each other, so overall health is also a primary factor when claims are finally approved.