What to do After an Accident with an Uninsured Motorist

It’s an unfortunate fact that approximately one in seven drivers in the United States do not have auto insurance. So what should you do if you’re hit by a driver who has no insurance? There’s no single correct answer to that question, because it depends upon the unique circumstances of your particular case.

In many cases, the injuries and damages caused by this type of accident will be paid for by your own insurance company – as long as you have purchased Uninsured Motorist coverage as part of your policy. If you do not have Uninsured Motorist coverage it may be difficult for you to get any compensation at all for your injuries and vehicle damage. Because of this, the best way to protect yourself is to purchase a significant amount of Uninsured Motorist insurance coverage.

If you do have Uninsured Motorist coverage, you need to file a claim for damages with your own insurance company. Unfortunately, many people are reluctant to file these types of claims because they think it will cause their insurance company to raise their rates. That’s simply not true – because there is actually a law in Louisiana that prevents insurance companies from raising your rates if you file an uninsured motorist claim.

So what happens if you don’t have Uninsured Motorist coverage? You have the right to sue the other driver for damages if they were at fault for the accident. However, the only way that this will result in you receiving significant compensation is if the other driver has enough assets to pay you.

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to consult an attorney to discuss your options if you’re involved in an accident caused by an uninsured motorist.