Who is Responsible for Accidents Caused by Bad Road Conditions?

Everyone who lives in Louisiana is aware of our state’s notoriously bad roads. Potholes, cracked pavement, uneven surfaces, debris in the road – these are just a few of the many problems. So when bad road conditions cause a traffic accident, who is responsible? That depends upon the circumstances of the accident and the exact location or road where the accident happened.

In Louisiana there are many government entities that are responsible for the upkeep of roads, including the Department of Transportation and Development, the Department of Public Works and various city and parish entities or municipalities. Some of these entities may be immune from liability for bad road conditions – but the only way to find out for sure is to hire an attorney who is experienced and has legal knowledge about these types of accidents.

Following are some of the most common hazardous road conditions to be aware of in order to avoid accidents.

  • Potholes are a very common problem. It doesn’t have to be a huge crater – even fairly small potholes can cause a tire to blow out, resulting in an accident.
  • Uneven surfaces, loose gravel and steep shoulder drop-offs.
  • Defective traffic signals or traffic signs that are broken, obscured or missing.
  • Improper draining that causes water to back up into the road.
  • Construction debris, fallen trees or other debris in the road.