Technology Advancements in Cars: Distraction or Aide?

Over the past few months and years, technological advances have come a long way to make our lives easier than ever before. Many of these advances promise to help us while we are driving down the street, across town or to the other side of the nation. Our car accident lawyers in Opelousas, LA have reviewed some of these products to determine if they are helpful or serve to distract drivers and cause unthinkable accidents. Looking at both sides and keeping an open mind is vital for anyone who would like to uncover the truth.

Using Technology in Vehicles

The latest technology allows drivers to connect their phones to the speakers in their cars, to launch navigation apps with voice commands and to discover nearby attractions, but that is only the start. Most modern vehicles have a range of other features that we once thought were impossible, and the trend is not showing any signs of slowing down.

After looking at these technologies from all possible sides, we have decided that they can improve safety and keep people connected when everyone uses them the right way. Pulling over to make calls or to change the settings in an app is what keeps people safe and allows them to get the most from the latest advancements.

What’s the Problem?

Modern technology is not the problem. The problem is people who refuse to wait a few minutes to answer their phone. The threat comes from those who try to alter their navigation system’s settings while they are speeding down a busy freeway, thinking nothing will ever happen to them.

Taking their eyes off the road for a second or two is enough to cause a disaster that ends lives and leaves victims with life-changing injuries. Instead of technology, the problem is people who are not serious about their obligation to protect themselves and others from harm when they get behind the wheel.

Getting Help

If you or someone you know has been injured because another driver was not paying attention to the road, call a Louisiana injury attorney. Our Louisiana personal injury attorneys from our office will review your case, collect evidence and help you get the justice you need and deserve.