Social Media Do’s and Don’ts after a Car Accident

]The First Steps After a Car Accident
Unfortunately, most people will find themselves in a car accident at least one point in their life. That’s because the roads are an unpredictable place. Even if you’re a cautious driver, it doesn’t mean that everyone else shares that same courtesy. Far too often people are in a hurry, they don’t pay attention, they disregard the laws when it comes to drinking and driving, and more. If you are the unfortunate victim of a car accident, your first thought might be to post on social media. You need to be very mindful of what you post.

Posting a Picture of the Car Accident
One of the first things that people do after a car accident is post a picture of the wreckage. We live in a day where people tend to say, “if it’s not posted on social media, it didn’t happen.” You should refrain from posting your car accident on Facebook because that can be taken as evidence. Your insurance and a defense attorney can use anything you post about the accident against you, especially if you’re posting negative things. You should consult with our car accident lawyers in Opelousas and who will tell you what you should and should not post.

Check Your Social Media for Posts Around the Accident Time
If you tweeted, made a Facebook post, sent a Snapchat, or shared an Instagram photo right before or after the accident; that will work against you. If you posted something on social media right before the accident, it can be used against you that you were distracted and possibly at fault. If you post immediately after, it can also be used against you that you were just fine to post and not in any sort of pain or discomfort. A Louisiana Accident lawyer knows just what should and should not be shared on social media.

Be Mindful of Photos of You Partying
You’ll want to make any photos of you drinking or partying private. Even if you weren’t using drugs or alcohol around the time of your accident, these can make you look bad. They can be used to show that you’re a partier. If you share photos of you out having a good time after, they can also be used to show that your injuries weren’t that severe.

The Safe Route is to Stay Away from Social Media
Sometimes, the best route to go is not to post at all on social media. It’s better to be safe than sorry. If you absolutely need to post something, check with us to make sure you’re not sharing information that can be used against you.