Injured in a Car Accident Due to Freezing Road Conditions?

If you live in Acadiana and get injured in an accident due to icy roads, you should seek out advice from the professionals at Morrow Gates & Morrow LLC. They will provide you with all of the information you need regarding damages owed to you.

Driving in freezing road conditions can be extremely hazardous. In fact, it is recommended that cars stay off the road due to the serious risks. Black ice is one of the most dangerous aspects of driving on frozen roads. Black ice cannot be seen. It is very slippery. And if a car or truck hits black ice, the vehicle can spin out of control and strike other vehicles or objects.

If your vehicle is hit by another while driving on frozen roads, you could end up with some significant injuries and even the total loss of your vehicle. This is the time to enlist the help of a seasoned Acadiana personal injury attorney.

After a winter blast in the Acadiana area, a number of roads were closed due to hazardous conditions. Many roads were impassible due to several inches of snow and ice. Transportation personnel were already working hard to clear the roads. Law enforcement is advising drivers to proceed with caution.

If you are injured due to traffic accident involving inclement weather, you have a right to recoup damages. You could end up in the hospital recuperating for a long time. A good Acadiana area auto accident attorney from Morrow Gates & Morrow will go to bat for you and protect your rights. We will make sure your medical costs are covered, car repairs and everything else needed to make you whole.