Tips for Staying Safe on the Road

Staying safe while driving is always important – and even more so during the holidays when many families will be traveling by car. Following are a few tips to help ensure that you stay safe on the road.

Never Drink and Drive – This one is obvious, but it’s very common for someone who has had just one or two alcoholic beverages to think that it’s okay to drive. The fact is that it’s best not to drive if you’ve had ANY alcohol at all.

Put Down the Cell Phone – Talking or texting while driving is illegal (and for good reason, as this is the cause of many traffic accidents). Just don’t do it.

Obey Speed Limits – Speed limits are set for a reason (and they apply to everyone). Speeding is also the cause of many accidents, so please – just slow down.

Do a Pre-Trip Inspection – You should always make sure that your car undergoes routine maintenance – but it’s also a good idea to do a quick inspection before a trip. Check the tire pressure, oil and other fluids such as brake, power steering and wiper fluid.

Buckle Up – Seatbelts really do save lives. Make sure that every person in your vehicle buckles up – and always use car seats for infants and young children.

Take a Break – If you are going to be driving a very long distance, it’s a good idea to take a break every few hours. Pull over at an appropriate place and take 10 minutes to stretch your legs or have a snack.