5 Great Safety Tips to Help You Avoid Auto Accidents

More than one million people are killed worldwide in car accidents every year – which is especially unfortunate because many of these accidents are preventable. Here’s a list of safety tips that can help you avoid auto accidents, whether you’re driving in Louisiana or anywhere in the world.

  1. Say No to Cell Phones – Talking or texting on a cell phone while driving should NEVER be done. This is one of today’s most common driving distractions and has caused a multitude of car accidents. If you have to use the phone, pull over to a safe place.
  2. Pay Attention – Always keep your eyes on the road. You should not be eating, drinking, playing with the radio or doing anything that is distracting.
  3. Avoid Bad Weather – Try to avoid driving in rain, snow, sleet or freezing conditions whenever possible. If you must drive, be extra careful and slow down, as inclement weather increases your risk of an accident.
  4. Keep Your Car Safe – Good maintenance is essential to safety – so get your brakes and tires checked regularly and always maintain proper fluid levels (oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, etc.).
  5. Drive Defensively – The phrase “watch out for the other guy” isn’t just a cliché – it’s important. Keep your eye on other drivers and be sure to stay a safe distance away from other vehicles to allow yourself time to react to any dangerous situation.