The Jones Act

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Were you injured while working offshore?

If you were injured while working offshore or during any type of job involving the maritime industry, the Jones Act could play an important role in your personal injury case.

The Jones Act is a federal statute that was passed in 1920 and provides certain protections for workers in the maritime industry. These protections include the right to receive compensation for injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering and payment for missed wages.

Because the Jones Act is extremely complex and sometimes difficult to interpret, it’s important that you hire an attorney with experience and expertise with this statute if you suffer a maritime injury. At Morrow, Gates and Morrow, our attorneys have successfully handled numerous maritime injury cases and are well versed in the Jones Act and how it affects these particular types of personal injury cases.

For instance, many people are not aware that certain injuries that occur when working offshore are even covered by the Jones Act. The fact is that this statute can cover offshore injuries that result from situations such as faulty equipment, poor maintenance of equipment, improper training of crew members and more.

While the Jones Act was originally passed to protect merchant marines, it now applies to many different workers within the maritime industry. If you were injured while working offshore and are not sure if the Jones Act will apply to your case, contact us today at (337) 942-6529. We will provide you with a free case evaluation and have the experience to guide you through the entire legal.