What to Do When You Encounter Road Rage

Unfortunately, road rage has become a serious problem in recent years and is actually the cause of numerous traffic accidents, as well as personal assaults. If you find yourself involved with an aggressive driver who is exhibiting road rage, there are a few things you can do to try and diffuse the situation – or to protect yourself if things get out of hand.

  • Be Polite – Whether the situation is your fault or not, you may be able to settle a raging driver down by being polite. Give them a friendly wave and a smile to acknowledge the situation.
  • Disengage From the Situation – If a driver is yelling at you, cursing, making threats or violent gestures toward you, try slowing down, turning onto another street or taking an exit to get away from them. DO NOT speed up and try to outrun the aggressor.
  • Call the Police – If an aggressive driver is getting out of hand and will not stop following you or harassing you – call the police. It’s also a good idea to lock all of your doors, roll up the windows and drive to the nearest police or fire station.

It’s also important that you always be polite and courteous when you’re on the road. Don’t take traffic problems personally and don’t drive aggressively. These simple actions can help prevent road rage from happening.

When a Car Accident Happens, You Need Legal Assistance

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