Six Basic Safety Tips for All Hunters

Louisiana is known as the Sportsman’s Paradise, and a big reason why is that we have so many hunters in our state. Sadly, that means that we also have hunting accidents from time to time. Most hunters know the basic safety rules by heart – but if you’re new to the sport (or just need a refresher) you might benefit from the hunting safety tips we’ve provided here.

1)  Always treat every firearm as if it is loaded – and never point a gun at anything that you don’t intend to shoot.

2)  Never climb anything with a loaded rifle – that includes deer stands, trees, ladders and fences.

3)  If hunting from a tree stand, wear a safety harness at ALL times – while climbing up, while you’re hunting, and while you’re climbing down.

4)  It’s vital that you not only clearly identify your target before shooting, but also know what’s behind the target. That’s important because many projectiles can travel for long distances beyond your target.

5)  Use extra caution when removing your firearms from your truck and also while stowing them back in your vehicle. Believe it or not, many firearm accidents occur while hunters are performing these seemingly mundane actions.

6) Always tell someone where you are going to be and when you’ll be coming home before leaving to hunt.