Shopping for a Motorcycle? Look for These Safety Features

If you are considering buying a motorcycle, there are a number of safety features that have been developed in recent years that can help reduce the risk of accidents and protect you from injury. Following are a few details about these safety features and how they can help protect you on the road.

Anti-Lock Brakes – Anti-lock braking systems are not just for cars anymore. These systems, which have been used on cars and trucks for years to help prevent skidding when brakes are applied, are now available on some motorcycles.

LED Lighting – LED lighting (also known as “under-glow lighting”) lights up a motorcycle from below or on the sides. This not only makes the motorcycle more visible to other motorists but can also give the rider a more clear view of the road.

Stability Control Systems – This new technology is designed to help keep the motorcycle more stable when accelerating or braking during a turn. The system analyzes traction control and lean-angle data to enhance stability.

Airbag Jackets – Some motorcycle clothing manufacturers have introduced jackets and vests equipped with airbag technology. The clothing inflates like an airbag when sensors detect an impact – helping to protect the rider’s chest and vital organs.

By considering all available safety features and new technology, you can help ensure that you remain as safe as possible while enjoying your new motorcycle.