Parking Lot Safety Tips

Most people don’t realize that parking lots can be dangerous places – for both drivers and pedestrians. You may be surprised to learn that several hundred people die due to accidents in parking lots every year. That’s why it’s important that you treat every parking lot as though it is a busy street intersection, whether you are driving or walking through the lot. Following are a few safety tips that can reduce the chance of accidents.

Stay Alert – When walking in a parking lot, you need to be very aware of your surroundings. Don’t just look around – you should also listen for the sound of approaching vehicles.

Use Crosswalks – When crosswalks are available, always use them. The same goes for sidewalks in and around parking lots.

Don’t Assume You are Visible – Most people assume that drivers can see them walking through the lot. This can be a big mistake, as distracted drivers may not notice you at all – so stay alert.

Park Far Away – It’s actually safer to park far away from the building. There will be less traffic and pedestrians around, and less chance of your car being hit by a shopping cart or other vehicle.

Avoid Reversing – Try to find a spot that lets you exit by driving forward instead of backing up. Most accidents happen when vehicles are backing up.

Go Slow – Most parking lots have a speed limit of 10 MPH or less – and for good reason. Going slow greatly reduces the chances of an accident.