How to Stay Safe When Traveling Abroad

If you are going to be taking a trip to another country, there are a number of things to consider when it comes to your safety. While international travel can be fun and exciting, you should be aware of potential dangers and take steps to protect yourself.

Vaccinations – Certain international travel destinations actually require that you get vaccinated for specific diseases before your arrival. Make sure you know about these requirements, then visit your doctor to get vaccinated and to get a physical exam before your trip.

Make Copies of Documents – You should make electronic copies of documentation including your passport, visa, immunization record, medical insurance card, travel insurance, plane tickets and itinerary. Put them in a file and email them to yourself as backup in case any documents get lost.

Don’t Carry Everything Together – You should never keep your cash, travelers checks, credit cards and ID in the same place. Keep items you won’t be using that day in the hotel safe – and place other items in different pockets, wallet, etc. This will ensure that everything cannot be stolen or lost at the same time.

Beware of Pickpockets – Don’t carry anything in your back pockets, as this makes it easier for pickpockets who target tourists to steal your items. Also, if you use a backpack, wear it on the front, which helps to prevent thieves from stealing your items.

Avoid Talking to Strangers – Many thieves will try to befriend tourists to get their personal information and/or size up targets for theft. It’s best not to talk to strangers who look sketchy – and never accept food or drink from them or allow them to lead you anywhere.

Consider Travel Insurance – Many people think travel insurance is unnecessary – but it’s well worth the cost if you are injured, become ill or are victimized by thieves.