Bicycle Safety Tips for the Whole Family

Whether you ride a bike recreationally, in a riding club or have kids who ride in the neighborhood – there are many ways to help you stay safe. The fact is that the number of bicycling deaths in the U.S. increased 29% from 2010 to 2017, so being safety conscious is becoming more important than ever.

Check Your Equipment Regularly – It’s best to do a basic check of your bike before every ride. This includes checking tire pressure and brakes; making sure the seat is securely in place; making sure you have reflectors in place; and checking your horn/bell, mirrors and headlight.

Helmets Save Lives – Always wear a helmet when riding. Make sure that you buy a good quality helmet that fits properly.

Make Sure Drivers Can See You – Wear very bright or neon clothing. Avoid riding at night, but if you do, wear reflective clothing and attach flashing lights to your bike.

Pay Attention – Never wear headphones when cycling. Stay alert for traffic or hazards like opening car doors. Glance around periodically to scan for potential hazards.

Know the Rules – Be sure you are aware of local traffic laws (cyclists are required to follow the same laws as motorists). Ride single file in the same direction as the traffic flow. Use hand signals when turning. Before entering traffic, look in every direction – including behind you.