Back to School Safety Tips

It’s back-to-school time again, so here are a few tips for parents and students to help everyone stay safe as the school year begins.

Driving Safely in School Zones

  • Watch closely for school zone signs and signals – and always obey the speed limit
  • Watch for and obey the signals of school crossing guards
  • Stay well back from school buses that are loading and unloading kids
  • NEVER drive around a school bus when its STOP signs are out

Riding a Bicycle to School

  • Make sure the school allows kids to ride bikes to school (some don’t)
  • Make sure your child wears a helmet and obeys the rules of the road
  • Determine the safest route between home and school

Walking to School

  • Determine the best route and have your child take it every day (no detours)
  • Always use public sidewalks and streets
  • Have your child walk with other students when possible

School Bus Safety

  • Make sure your kids are at the bus stop at least five minutes ahead of time
  • Teach your child to stay out of the street and allow no horseplay at the bus stop
  • Tell your child to let the bus come to a complete stop before getting on or off