Staying Safe During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration for many people. Decorating your home, attending the office Christmas party, going out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, traveling to visit family – many of us enjoy all of these things and more. However, the holidays are also a time when safety can be an …

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Get a Safe Ride Home After Holiday Parties

Every year the holidays offer us a chance to attend lots of celebrations – which often includes parties where alcohol is served. Unfortunately, the holiday season is also a time when drunk driving becomes more common. We all know that drinking and driving is a terrible thing to do, but to make it easier to …

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How to Stay Safe When Riding Your 4-Wheeler

Louisiana is home to millions of people who enjoy outdoor activities – and that often includes riding 4-wheelers. Also known as All-Terrain Vehicles or ATVs, 4-wheelers are often used by hunters, trail riders and people who just enjoy cruising through remote areas. Unfortunately, that makes 4-wheeler accidents a fairly common occurrence in Louisiana. That’s why …

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Six Basic Safety Tips for All Hunters

Hunting Safety

Louisiana is known as the Sportsman’s Paradise, and a big reason why is that we have so many hunters in our state. Sadly, that means that we also have hunting accidents from time to time. Most hunters know the basic safety rules by heart – but if you’re new to the sport (or just need …

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Staying Safe on the Water

Family Boating Safety

Having fun on the water is a big part of our way of life in Louisiana – from fishing to skiing to riding jet-skis or just going for a swim. While all of these activities are lots of fun, you should always be aware that there is an element of danger when you’re on the …

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What to Do When You Encounter Road Rage

photo: road rage

Unfortunately, road rage has become a serious problem in recent years and is actually the cause of numerous traffic accidents, as well as personal assaults. If you find yourself involved with an aggressive driver who is exhibiting road rage, there are a few things you can do to try and diffuse the situation – or …

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Tips for Avoiding Drunk Driving Accidents

photo: drunk driving

It’s a sad fact that automobile accidents involving drunk drivers kill approximately 29 people every day in the United States. And the truth is that all of these accidents are preventable. Following are ways you can avoid drunk driving to protect yourself and others. Designated Driver – If you are going to be consuming alcohol …

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