Tips to Stay Safe While Doing Yard Work

Hedge trimmer mowing hedge safely

Many of us enjoy doing yard work – while others see it as an unpleasant chore. Regardless, someone has to cut the grass, trim the hedges, rake the leaves, etc. – so it’s best to stay safe while doing any type of yard work. Following are some helpful safety tips. Equipment Safety – Most serious …

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Make Swimming Pool Safety a Priority

lifeguard overseeing children swimming

If you have a swimming pool at your home, it’s important that you take steps to help ensure the safety of your family and guests. The fact is that approximately 10 people drown in the U.S. every day – and slip and fall injuries around pools are also common. The following safety tips can help …

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How to Prevent Burglary and Home Invasion

Burglars have been around for as long as people have lived in homes – but it’s also a sad fact that home invasion (robbers barging into your house while you’re at home) is becoming more common. Following are a few ways to help prevent both burglary and home invasions. BURGLARY Lock Every Entrance – Nearly …

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Fire Safety Tips for Your Home and Family

Firefighters respond to more than 350,000 household fires in the U.S. each year – so it just makes sense to learn how to prevent fires and protect your family. Many people are unaware that a fire can become life-threatening in just two minutes – and that an entire home can become engulfed in flames in …

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Should You Get an Extended Warranty on Your Vehicle?

cars lined up on curb for extended warranty

If you own a car or truck, you’ve probably been pressured to buy an extended warranty – whether by the car dealer or various companies that offer this service. So is an extended warranty worth the cost? There’s no simple answer, but we can give you a few pointers on the pros and cons. PROS …

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Public Playground Safety Checklist

two children playing on playground in safe conditions (1)

With kids out of school for the summer, public playgrounds are sure to be full of energetic children all day long. Unfortunately, that makes accidents and injuries more likely to occur. Following is a safety checklist to help make sure your kids stay safe on the playground. Check Surfaces – Safe surfaces around the playground …

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Staying Safe While Traveling or on Vacation

travel tips postcard on desk

Whether you’re going on vacation or traveling for a business trip or family obligations – it’s important to know how to stay safe on your trip while also protecting your home while you’re away. Following are a few basic tips to help you stay safe. Alert Your Neighbors – Tell your neighbors or friends when …

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The Best Ways to Find Employment

newspaper add for finding employment

Whether you are looking for your first job, got laid off from your old job or just want to find a better job – there are more ways than ever to help you find employment. From worldwide online job search websites to local job matching services like Louisiana Job Connection and more – today’s technology …

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Ways to Help Prevent Elder Abuse

young woman sitting next to elderly woman talking about elder abuse prevention

Unfortunately, elder abuse is more common than you may think, with the American Psychological Association estimating that approximately two million seniors are victimized annually. The good news is that you can help to protect your elderly loved ones by learning more about elder abuse. One thing that is important to remember is that elder abuse …

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Foods to Avoid Feeding to Small Children

foods that should not be fed to small children

Most parents are well aware that young children can be susceptible to choking when they begin to eat solid food. However, there may be some foods that you think are safe to feed small children that can actually pose some risk. Following are some of the foods that it is best not to feed young …

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