MGM is Open for Business

Morrow, Gates & Morrow is open for business and will use FaceTime, email or safe distance contact to meet with any car or trucking accident individual who has been injured. We are and have been online with virtually every insurance company, State Police as well as other local police agencies and can obtain the accident …

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You Can Make 2020 a Healthier New Year

If you’re serious about making 2020 a healthier year for yourself, there’s a better way than the usual resolutions that often get broken within days. Instead of pledging to lose 20 pounds or never eat fried chicken again, try setting a series of small, realistic goals that you can actually achieve. For example, everyone can …

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Tips to Help You Out with Next Year’s Income Taxes

Nobody likes thinking about paying taxes – but it’s unavoidable. Whether you file your own taxes or hire someone to help, you can make the whole process easier by creating a record-keeping system at the beginning of the new year, then keeping it up to date until tax time. This is also the best way …

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Online Shopping Safety Tips

woman using a credit card on a laptop

Shopping online has become so common for most of us that it’s easy to forget that there are criminals out there who can steal our personal information – resulting in costly problems. Following are a few tips to help you avoid fake companies, fake websites and identity thieves. Only Use Trusted Websites – You should …

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How to Recognize Gambling Addiction and Get Help

upset man at casino table

Gambling addiction can cause serious problems that affect nearly every part of a person’s life – from personal and family relationships to financial matters, loss of occupation and much more. Left unchecked, it can also lead to legal problems such as having to file for bankruptcy – or even worse – engaging in illegal activities …

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Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home Care

elderly person holding caretaker's hands

When an elderly loved one comes to the point in life when they can no longer take care of themselves from day to day, it may become necessary to find a facility where their needs can be met. Two of the most common options are assisted living facilities and nursing homes. But what is the …

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Back to School Safety Tips

elementary aged students and a school bus.

It’s back-to-school time again, so here are a few tips for parents and students to help everyone stay safe as the school year begins. Driving Safely in School Zones Watch closely for school zone signs and signals – and always obey the speed limit Watch for and obey the signals of school crossing guards Stay …

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Parking Lot Safety Tips

Closeup image of CCTV security camera outdoor at car park

Most people don’t realize that parking lots can be dangerous places – for both drivers and pedestrians. You may be surprised to learn that several hundred people die due to accidents in parking lots every year. That’s why it’s important that you treat every parking lot as though it is a busy street intersection, whether …

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Bicycle Safety Tips for the Whole Family

family riding bikes safely

Whether you ride a bike recreationally, in a riding club or have kids who ride in the neighborhood – there are many ways to help you stay safe. The fact is that the number of bicycling deaths in the U.S. increased 29% from 2010 to 2017, so being safety conscious is becoming more important than …

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How to Stay Safe When Traveling Abroad

If you are going to be taking a trip to another country, there are a number of things to consider when it comes to your safety. While international travel can be fun and exciting, you should be aware of potential dangers and take steps to protect yourself. Vaccinations – Certain international travel destinations actually require …

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